île Rodrigues

A week of indulgence. This little island (18kms long by 8kms wide) 600 kms east of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, is one of the most relaxed and nicest places that we've visited. The locals live their lives at a pace unrecognizable to us westerners. After a few days of "acclimatization" we soon learn to appreciate the locals view on day to day life. Smiles seemed glued to peoples face as they tip their hat in the street, welcoming you to their hidden paradise. And that is what it is, hidden....No holiday resorts, no tourist buses, no globalization (not yet), no hassle, no rush, no problem...After the holiday you realize that we could learn a lot from the way of life on these islands.  Great weather, great food, great people and great holiday..We will definitely be going back.